Evidence Champions Network

Bringing together police forces and facilitating their efforts to develop and embed evidence into everyday policing.

The College of Policing has developed this network of Evidence Champions to promote evidence-based practice (EBP) in policing and to share ideas and knowledge across forces. It will enable police forces to support each other in their efforts to embed evidence-based policing, through discussion and collaboration. 

The Network has been developed as inclusive and accessible to anybody in force, regardless of their role or rank.   Members are categorised according to levels of engagement or interest, ensuring that support can be targeted to all relevant staff members. The three identified groups are:

  • Evidence Champion Leads – those who are formally responsible for the development and/or implementation of an evidence based approach in their force. 
  • Evidence Champion Advocates – those who may support the Evidence Champion Leads in force and/or may have a proportion of their role committed to evidence based practice within their force.  For example, they could be involved in co-ordinating research requests coming into force, setting up EBP related conferences and other developmental opportunities, or promoting EBP in their force in other ways.
  • Evidence Champion Practitioners – those who have an interest in evidence based practice who do not fall into the other two categories but who would like to remain informed as to developments in this area.  People studying for relevant academic qualifications may identify themselves as being Evidence Champion Practitioners. 

The Network is designed to be all-inclusive and is accessible to anybody in force, regardless of their role or rank. All you need is an interest in the approach towards the embedding of evidence-based policing.

What is the role of the Evidence Champions?

The Evidence Champions promote evidence-based policing by:

Holding face-to-face meetings

For discussing progress, identifying challenges with promoting a​nd generating EBP and potential solutions.

Contributing to the network's POLKA communityThis community (see below) is an online space for ongoing knowledge dissemination and cooperation outside meetings, providing virtual support for members.
Seeking funding opportunitiesIdentifying and sharing potential funding opportunities to support EBP initiatives.
Expanding the policing evidence baseSupporting and working to facilitate the College's aim to establish regional EBP networks of police professionals and academic institutions.
Raising awarenessWorking together to organise networking opportunities such as research fairs and evidence-based practice events.

The Evidence-Based Policing Support Network community on POLKA

This secure online community facilitates cooperation between members of the Network outside meetings. It is located in the Police OnLine Knowledge Area (POLKA).

The community provides virtual support, facilitating updates on the latest progress in evidence-based policing initiatives across the UK, and is a forum for sharing ideas with each other on how to promote evidence-based policing in different police forces.

You can request membership of the Network by emailing evidence.champions@college.pnn.police.uk  with your rank and role, indicating which of the 3 groups above best describes your level of engagement with EBP.  Once you have joined the Champions Network, you will then be eligible to join the POLKA community.

Find out more and join the Network

For more information about the Evidence-Based Policing Support Network, please email us at evidence.champions@college.pnn.police.uk