What Works: Crime reduction systematic review series

As part of our Commissioned Partnership Programme the consortium undertook a programme of new crime reduction systematic reviews.

A systematic review identifies, appraises, synthesises and impartially interprets all relevant unpublished and published research that has been carried out to address a particular research question.  Systematic reviews are objective, transparent and aim to avoid bias in all stages of the review process.  The conclusion of a systematic review will highlight the evidence base that can be used to support decision making and practice, as well as highlighting the lack of evidence on a particular research question.   

Please see the table below for details of each of the new systematic reviews.

​Number in series​Title ​Published
​No 1Gating alleys to reduce crime: A meta-analysis and realist synthesis​August 2015
No 2Mediation, mentoring and peer support to reduce youth violence: A systematic reviewDecember 2015
​No 3​Criminal justice interventions in domestic violence: A systematic mapJuly 2016
​No 4A systematic review of motivational approaches as a pre-treatment intervention for domestic violence perpetrator programmesDecember 2016
​​No 5Domestic violence perpetrator programmes: A review of reviewsDecember 2016
​​No 6Police responses to people with mental health problems: A systematic mapDecember 2017
​No 7​​A systematic review of the impact of police pre-arrest diversionDecember 2017
​​No 8Speed cameras to reduce speeding traffic and road traffic injuriesJanuary 2016
​​No 9A systematic review of the effectiveness of asset-focussed interventions against organised crimeApril 2017
​No 10A systematic review of tagging as a method to reduce theft in retail environments March 2017
​​No 11​​​Red light enforcement cameras to reduce traffic violations and road traffic injuries: A systematic reviewApril 2017
​​No 12 Diversity and organisational outcomesFebruary 2017
​No 13​​A systematic review of the effectiveness of electronic monitoring of offendersJune 2017
​No 14Personal security alarms for the prevention of assaults on healthcare workers: A systematic reviewDecember 2017