The police service, diversity and organisational outcomes


Recruitment of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) people as police officers, staff and auxiliaries is widely seen as a means of improving police/public relations, with a range of potential benefits including enhanced community engagement and more effective law enforcement.

This systematic review set out to examine the evidence on the effect of BME recruitment on arrest rates, crime rates, and public satisfaction with the police. It also considered the mechanisms through which BME recruitment is expected to deliver these benefits and the conditions that influence such delivery.

A research protocol has been included below. However the protocol was for a broader review that originally was intended to examine female recruitment in addition to BME recruitment. This ultimately proved too ambitious and the focus of the review was sharpened to BME recruitment only.

This systematic review was undertaken by the University of Surrey as part of the Commissioned Partnership Programme. It is part of a series of systematic reviews .

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