Add your project to the Research Map

If you're involved in a research project related to policing or crime reduction, we invite you to share a summary of it.

​During the COVID-19 pandemic we are aware of a great deal of research activity.  If your COVID-19 research is linked to reducing crime, changes in criminal activity or policing, please share a quick summary with the Map.  As with all our other projects, shared research needs to be ongoing and at a Master's level or above or should be part of a university programme of work. 

Adding your research to the Research Map

You can share your research with the Policing and Crime Reduction Research Map if it is:

  • relevant to policing and crime reduction

  • of Masters degree level or above

  • carried out in conjunction with a UK university

  • ongoing and not completed.

To share your research, please use the Research Map online submission form.

Your submission will then be processed and published on the Research Map.

Adding your randomised control trial (RCT)

If you are carrying out or have carried out an RCT that is relevant to policing and crime reduction, you can share it using the RCT online submission form.

Your RCT will then be published on the Research Map, which includes both ongoing and completed RCTs.

Removing your project and/or personal details from the Map

You can request that your project, name and/or email address are removed from the Research Map at any time.  If you wish to have your details removed or changed please email us and specify the information to be removed/changed.