The characteristics of persistent young offenders

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Portsmouth

In Collaboration With

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire

Principal Researcher

Name witheld

Level of Research


Project Start Date

February 2021

Research Context

Study One (Rapid Review): Profile for persistent offending among young offenders nationally

To identify the most important risk factors associated with young people aged 10-17 years old that re-offend in the United Kingdom.
To examine whether the profile identified from Study 1 can be used to predict Hampshire’s repeat young offenders profile in Study 2.

Study Two (OPCC for Hampshire): Profile for persistent offending among young offenders locally

To explore the characteristics of young people that re-offend in Hampshire.

Research Methodology

Study One (Rapid Review):
The methods used in primary research will include:

  • Population: Children and adolescents that re-offend

  • Age: 10 -17 year olds. 

  • Setting: Police Custody, Prison, Community, Court, social services, Mixed

  • Sampling procedures: Cohort follow-up design (opportunity or purposeful) 

  • Outcome: General and/or Violent (including sexual) Recidivism 

  • Country: United Kingdom including Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man

Details of study coding categories

  • Year of study (2001 to 2021)

  • Age of participants (10 -17; 18 -19 year olds on re-offence or re-conviction)

  • Gender of participants (all genders)

  • Country of study (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Crown Dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man,)

  • Setting (youth custody, youth offending services, charity organisation)

  • Recidivism type (violation/breach of conditions, crimes against property, crimes against a person, general and sexual offending) 

  • Criminogenic needs/risk factors identified

Study Two (OPCC for Hampshire)

  • InterAct Data - To analysis the characteristics/criminogenic needs of young people that offend in Hampshire

  • Focus group interviews with YOT staff in Hampshire

Date due for completion

February 2022
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