An evaluation of the Police Professional Qualifications

Research Institution / Organisation

University of South Wales

Principal Researcher

Professor Colin Rogers

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

June 2021

Research Context

​This study is employing a rolling survey of newly appointed probationer constables in five forces in England and Wales undergoing the higher education awards as part of their initial training. The aims are to establish the perceptions of the new education on probationer constables, the impact it has on their relationship with others who have not undertaken the awards, and to explore their perceptions of organisational justice within the police as newly appointed constables.

Research Methodology

​The University of South Wales delivers the new police qualification to five forces across England and Wales. Working with these forces, and obtaining the correct ethical approval, newly appointed constables were sent a personalised email with a link to a survey for completion.

This survey when completed was analysed using SPSS. 82 individuals responded to this request.

Interim reports and publications

​Reports will be published at intervals through the study.

Date due for completion

July 2023
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