An evaluation of fast-track detective schemes

Research Institution / Organisation

Liverpool John Moores University

In Collaboration With

The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC)

Principal Researcher

Adrian James

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

March 2021

Research Context

​The aim of this research is to assess what forces have learned from their experiences of operating fast-track programmes so that their learning can be utilised to shape the development of new programmes. The research also will explore what the programmes may reveal about organisational change in policing. Specifically, how the schemes are changing policing and how the recruits to the scheme are being changed by their experiences.

Research Methodology

​The project leader has communicated directly with a gatekeeper in each of three forces (nominated by The National Police Chiefs Council). They have been supplied with an explanation of the project and a participant information sheet and will circulate the information sheet to:

  1. recruits currently on their programme;

  2. some of those who have graduated from it, and some who failed to graduate from it;

  3. staff whose work can reasonably be expected to be impacted by the programme (for example; CID and other colleagues, mentors or tutors providing support in the field); and

  4. some of those involved in the oversight and administration of the programme (including at senior and supervisory levels and those with day-to-day responsibility for the supervision or training of recruits).

Initially, a minimum of five members of each group in each force (that is at least 20 people in each force; 60 people overall, will be interviewed). It is anticipated that other staff in the three forces will complete a survey.

Interim reports and publications

​A redacted version of an interim report can be obtained on request from the project lead.

Date due for completion

February 2022
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