County Lines and drugs supply: An evidence briefing

Research Institution / Organisation

College of Policing

In Collaboration With

University College London

Principal Researcher

Rob Braddock

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

March 2021

Research Context

‚ÄčCounty Lines drug offending and exploitation is a complex area with many underlying causes and effects. This briefing aims to provide practitioners with details of the County Lines drug offending model as well as information relating to the causes of drugs supply in County Lines. In addition to this, the briefing will contain an appraisal of various interventions which aim to tackle County Lines drug offending, and how these interventions can be utilised to disrupt offending and reduce victimisation.

Research Methodology

‚ÄčEvidence has been identified through a systematic search of existing academic, governmental and third sector publications. The briefing is not intended to review or comment on on the empirical validity of the current evidence base.

Date due for completion

January 2022
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