Police officers working in lockdown 3

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Southampton

Principal Researcher

Professor Jenny Fleming

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

April 2021

Research Context

​The study entitled: Police Officers Working in Lockdown 3 is an exploration of police officers' (male and female) experiences of working through COVID19’s Lockdown 3 period. In 2020, the researcher conducted a survey about the changing working patterns for police officers and police staff in England and Wales during the first lockdown period following the COVID19 outbreak. This new project builds on the context provided by the findings of this project and looks at the changing working patterns of police officers who are either working from home, partially working from home or still working at their usual place of work during the period December 2020 – April 2021. It is a separate project and does not utilise any respondees from the surveys distributed for the first project.

If you would like to be involved the project is not rank/role/location specific - the only proviso is that you are a warranted officer, working in a police organisation in England or Wales and working through the Lockdown3 period. Please email Professor Jenny Fleming directly

Research Methodology

The chosen method for this research is the semi-structured interview. All interviews will be conducted online via MS TEAMS, recorded and transcribed. You will be offered a copy of the transcript of the interview. The transcriptions will be subject to thematic analysis via NVivo. Prior to the interview the researcher will be asking the participant to provide some general demographic information about rank, time in service, whether they worked from home during Lockdown or worked in their ‘usual’ place of work.

Interviews will take approximately 45 minutes. All information provided is confidential and all data anonymised and aggregated.

Interim reports and publications

Publications from the previous survey work on Lockdown 1 are now available on request from Professor Jenny Fleming - j.fleming@soton.ac.uk

Publications from this research project will also be made available to all participants.

Date due for completion

December 2021
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