Crimes the police investigate less routinely: Evaluating confidence levels and barriers to investigation

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Portsmouth

Principal Researcher

James Dickety

Level of Research


Project Start Date

September 2020

Research Context

This research study is seeking perspectives from investigators in CID (non-specialist departments) with the following aims:

  • To identify offence types which are investigated less often or with low confidence levels

  • To evaluate confidence levels and the reasons for why these levels are low

  • To examine the investigator approaches to such crimes

  • To suggest solutions to help improve officer confidence and their performance when conducting their investigations.

One such focus of the study is Fraud, this is one of the most common reported offences to policing however police detection rates are low, this study will seek to examine from an investigator perspective what barriers there are to approaching this crime type.

Research Methodology

‚ÄčThis study is using a mixed methods approach with a survey of investigators (both officers and police staff) from CID and then more focussed interviews from a cross section of those respondents.

Date due for completion

August 2021
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