An evaluation of the use of Restorative Justice as an Out-of-Court Disposal in Gloucestershire

Research Institution / Organisation

University Of Gloucestershire

In Collaboration With

Restorative Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire Constabulary & University of Gloucestershire

Principal Researcher

Franki Grant

Level of Research


Project Start Date

February 2019

Research Context

This is part of a wider research project run by Dr Jon Hobson at the University of Gloucestershire, the of focus of this project is an in-depth analysis of Restorative Justice (RJ) as an out-of-court disposal (OOCD) within Gloucestershire.


To critically evaluate of the use of Restorative Justice in Gloucestershire as an out-of-court disposal.

Research Objectives:

  1. To establish the volume and type of RJ used as an OOCD in Gloucestershire. 

  2. To assess the application of RJ as an OOCD in Gloucestershire. 

  3. To use QUALIPREV process and outcome analysis to evaluate the efficacy of RJ as an OOCD in Gloucestershire.

Research Methodology

This study uses a qualitative-dominant, multi-method approach to a process and outcome evaluation. It deploys the QUALIPREV process and outcome crime prevention evaluation tool, developed by Rummens et al (2016) and adapted for similar research by Hobson et al (2018 - see The QUALIPREV indicators will be used as a structural framework and provide a thematic tool for the subsequent analysis, focusing on the "implementation, efficiency and effectiveness" of the use of RJ as an OOCD (Rummens et al, 2016:5). There are three stages of research:

  1. Secondary statistical analysis of police data on the use of OOCD, providing a basis for the volume and type of RJ OOCD used. This data will be numerical and anonymous, categorised by gender, age, geographical districts and types of OOCD used. 

  2. The use of QUALIPREV to complete the process and outcome evaluation, ensuring that each indicator is explored, and appropriate data collection tools adopted. Methodological triangulation will be used to collect the most relevant data under each of the QUALIPREV headings. Semi-structured interviews will be conducted as primary research to gain understanding of the use of RJ as an OOCD, with the view to find out the ‘why’ rather than simply explaining the ‘what’ of the current situation. Due to COVID-19 these interviews may take place via phone, video chat or email depending on the availability of participants. 

  3. Analysis of the QUALPIREV data to evaluate the use of RJ as an OOCD in Gloucestershire.

Interim reports and publications

​Grant, Franki. Rees, Ella. And Hobson, Jonathan. (2019) Restorative Evaluation - poster for Restorative Gloucester and Gloucestershire Police. (see:

Date due for completion

October 2021
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