Statements - fact or fiction

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Portsmouth

Principal Researcher

Becky Milne

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

August 2010

Research Context

​The aim of the research is to examine the fragility of the statement taking process as exmained by information transfer from witness to evidential product (quality and quantity).

Research Methodology

​A bespoke coding system has been developed and 30 real life statement interviews have been recorded and are being analysed.​

Interim reports and publications

Milne, R., Nunan, J., Hope, L., Hodgkins, J., and Clarke, C. (2017). The whole truth and
nothing but the truth? Transforming verbal interviews into written statements. Paper presented at the EAPL 2017, Mechelen, Belgium.

Date due for completion

March 2019
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