Emergency Services Collaboration Survey

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Birmingham

In Collaboration With

Skills for Justice and Skills for Health; Professor Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay and Dr. Helen Ackers, University of Birmingham

Principal Researcher

Jon Parry

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

July 2020

Research Context

The demands on providing effective emergency services are significant. The delivery of Ambulance, Fire and Rescue and Police services is taking place alongside a backdrop of challenges created by public expectations, reduced resources, advances in technology and greater accountability.
With the combined pressures of the need to improve frontline services with fewer staff, many ‘blue-light’ employers across England and Wales are increasingly turning to collaborative means to ensure effective public services delivery.
COVID-19 has accelerated this collaboration even further. Throughout the pandemic UK emergency services have worked closer than ever together to protect the NHS and help save lives. Skills for Justice and Skills for Health have launched the ‘Emergency Service Collaboration Survey’ with the aim of understanding the extent of these efficiencies already established, and to build on these initiatives to enhance public safety for the future.

​Building on earlier work on emergency, the project is revisiting this body of work in order to understand what progress has been made in embedding effective collaboration across ambulance, fire and rescue, and police services, and what barriers and enablers still remain today.
A large group of emergency services personnel at different levels are surveyed to compare responses with the work done in this regard in 2015.

Research Methodology

​Circa 250 respondents, online survey followed by statistical analysis.

Interim reports and publications

Date due for completion

December 2020
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