Global survey of impact of COVID 19 on policing

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Cambridge

In Collaboration With

Michigan State University, USA

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

June 2020

Research Context

​This project employs a global survey of police forces on the impact of COVID 19 on policing. The survey is an online instrument which is being distributed by a number of organisations including the UN Drugs and Crime Directorate. The survey is designed to provide a global comparison of the impacts and some regional analyses - UK, EU, Australasia and India.

Research Methodology

​Sample is all UN member countries with more detailed samples from UK, EU and USA. The instrument is a structured online survey.

This research is being carried out in collaboration with Michigan State University, USA.  You can access the university's project web page here.

Interim reports and publications

​The intention is produce an overview report as soon as possible after the data has been submittted (current closing date is 31st July 2020).

Date due for completion

January 2021
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