A study to examine voluntary transfer of Detective Constables within Sapphire (Serious Sexual Offences) leaving the Metropolitan Police Service to a similar role within a county police force

Research Institution / Organisation

Canterbury Christ Church University

Principal Researcher

Laura Thomas

Level of Research


Project Start Date

September 2019

Research Context

Literature shows that there is little research conducted on attrition of Detective Constables, especially those working in Sapphire (Serious Sexual Offences). The Metropolitan Police Service has a lack of Detectives and this project is aimed at understanding why Detective Constables leave the organisation and what can be implemented to reduce attrition.

This research aims to examine the causes of Detective Constables within Sapphire leaving the Metropolitan Police including whether there are key areas attributed to their decisions and what can be implemented to reduce voluntary turnover of such individuals.

The research aims are addressed through the following research questions:

Question 1
What are the factors that influence a serving Sapphire Detective Constable to make a voluntary transfer outside the organisation to a similar role?

Question 2
What measures could the organisation implement to address these factors to reduce early exit from the organisation?

Research Methodology

The research will consist of 5-7 semi structured interviews with Detective Constables who have left Sapphire (Serious Sexual Offences) in Metropolitan Police between January 2019 and May 2020, transferring to a similar role within a County Police Force. They must have been in the role for 3 months and will include traineed Detective Constables.

In addition, 5-7 semi-structured interviews will be carried out with Detective Constables that currently work within the Sapphire department and are looking at transferring to a similar role within a County Force.

Within the interviews, officers will be asked for their rationale in leaving and what measures would have influenced them to stay.

The interviews will be transcribed and analysed using NVivo to identify trends.  On conclusion, an operational report will be produced for the Metropolitan Police Service.

Interim reports and publications

‚ÄčNot available

Date due for completion

February 2021
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