Police Leadership: The experiences and expectations of support provided to police officers, by their supervisors, following trauma

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Leicester

In Collaboration With

Leicestershire Police

Principal Researcher

Megan Denning

Level of Research


Project Start Date

January 2020

Research Context

​This researcher's undergraduate dissertation explored the effects of dealing with death upon police officers and the support they consequently receive.  One of the main findings highlighted a lack of supervisory support following trauma.

As a result, the researcher has collaborated with Leicestershire Police to evaluate an intervention in which they train supervisors to be better equipped with the skills they need to support their officers after a traumatic incident.

The aims of the research are to establish the current relationships between police officers and their supervisors, to assess what barriers exist in preventing any improvements in those relationships, and the effectiveness of the intervention in relation to improving the skills of supervisors, their knowledge surrounding welfare, referrals and debriefing, and how best to support officers following trauma.

Research Methodology

​Surveys have been sent to all supervisors that attend the training, which is roughly 100 supervisors. Another survey will be sent to the police officers of Leicestershire Police, which can be up to 800 officers. Whilst the response rates for surveys are generally low, the police officers will be given the opportunity to record their collar number if they are happy to be interviewed. The training provided to the supervisors was observed by the researcher also.

Date due for completion

October 2020
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