Persons who die by suicide outside their home address: What does the data tell us and can it help us with high risk missing persons investigations?

Principal Researcher

Peter Frost

Level of Research


Project Start Date

January 2020

Research Context

Every year the Metropolitan Police attend between 5-600 suicides a year.
This research will aim to identify trends or patterns in people who die by suicide outside their home address (around 1/3).

The hope is that by identifying patterns and trends this can help influence or guide officers in the initial stages of a high risk missing persons enquiry where there is a risk that the person may die by suicide.

Research Methodology

This will be a mixed-methodology study although the main bulk of the research will be a statistical analysis of quantitative data gathered from police reports.

In order to conduct this research a database has been created that will log numerous characteristics about the person as well as high risk contributory factors.
The sample size, once the parameters have been set, is likely to be around 450-500.  Various statistical methods are being considered including a logic regression model of analysis.

Interim reports and publications

‚ÄčNot available

Date due for completion

November 2020
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