How can the crime-terror nexus in prison be minimised?

Research Institution / Organisation

Staffordshire University

Principal Researcher

Hannah Bennett

Level of Research


Project Start Date

September 2019

Research Context

The purpose of this study is to firstly, identify what the current Government and Prison Service is doing to tackle the new crime-terror nexus within prison and then evaluate how effectively this approach is, both in the public and private sphere.

Secondly, the study will provide recommendations from interpretative phenomenological based interviews and analysis, that aim at minimising the nexus. The interviews will enable a critical engagement of the four work strands within the UK's Counter-terrorism strategy (CONTEST): Prevent, Pursue, Protect, and Prepare, to identify whether this approach is the most effective at minimising the networking.

Research Methodology

The study has three research questions which require the researcher to gain a rich and complex understanding of the participants' experience in order to be answered. Therefore, the study will be using a qualitative research strategy with an interpretivist epistemological consideration and a constructivism ontological orientation.

Firstly, the researcher will conduct a literature review to examine what others have researched and written on this theme. Then, the researcher will use a range of secondary sources to collect information about policies and initiatives that theoretically aim to minimise the networking of criminals and terrorists inside prison.

In order to test the theory against reality, the researcher will be using qualitative interviews to elicit the participant's first-hand experience concerning the policies and initiatives that aim to minimise the networking of criminals and prisoners in prison. The researcher will also use these interviews to produce recommendations as to how the authorities can minimise networking using interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA). 

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Interim reports and publications

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Date due for completion

September 2022
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