To what extent does the crime-terror nexus occur within prison?

Research Institution / Organisation

Staffordshire University

Principal Researcher

Hannah Bennett

Level of Research


Project Start Date

September 2019

Research Context

‚ÄčThis study proposes to explore and compare domestic extremism, international terrorism and organised crime, in order to analyse to what extent the crime-terror nexus occurs within prison.

The study will offer analysis based on this research, identifying problems in order to improve policing and providing recommendations to prevent cross-pollination within our prisons. The research should lead to suggested topics which will benefit from practical research.

This research will appeal to students, academics, professionals and researchers interested in fields such as criminology and criminal justice, terrorism, prisons, and organised crime.

Research Methodology

The researcher will undertake an initial study of the literature and international case studies; then using qualitative research, will interview individuals within our prison establishments, police force and policing agencies.

Interim reports and publications

‚ÄčNot available

Date due for completion

September 2022
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