Exploring the narrative on Internet Addiction and cybercrime: A systematic literature review

Research Institution / Organisation

Nottingham Trent University

Principal Researcher

Alex Paradise

Level of Research


Project Start Date

May 2019

Research Context

Cybercrime has been highlighted as a significant threat to national security in the UK. Therefore, the prevention of online offending is a topic of governmental interest. A growing body of research focuses on behavioural addictions and their influence on online behaviour. Research into this condition has the potential to have significant influence on criminal justice policy.

This systematic literature review focuses on the concept of ‘Internet Addiction’ (IA) and the current narrative linking the condition to online crime. The empirical basis of these claims is examined.

(i) What is the narrative on the relationship between cybercrime and IA in the current academic literature?
(ii) To what extent is this narrative based on empirical research?
(iii) Where may knowledge gaps exist in this topic?

Research Methodology

​Systematic literature review.

Interim reports and publications

​Not available

Date due for completion

October 2019
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