Children and domestic abuse: Is Operation Encompass an effective safeguarding measure in Hampshire?

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Winchester

In Collaboration With

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

Principal Researcher

Laura Barclay

Level of Research


Project Start Date

January 2019

Research Context

Operation Encompass is an early intervention scheme designed to increase the line of communication between the police and designated safeguarding leads (DSL) in schools. When a domestic abuse incident occurs where children are involved, the police must inform the DSL in the relevant school that an incident has occurred involving a pupil. This initiative was created in 2012 and Hampshire constabulary has adopted this scheme. However, due to the short time frame that the framework has been implemented, there is little research to suggest that Operation Encompass is working effectively.

The main aim of this study is to analyse the use of Operation Encompass in Hampshire and whether it is being used correctly and effectively. The study will explore both the positives that have been unearthed since this process has been used, but it will also review and assess the concerns and challenges that have arisen since the scheme has been adopted.

There are concerns that due to little research being conducted surrounding the topic that this scheme may not be supporting the safeguarding of children effectively. Research into this area will allow for challenges within the scheme to be unearthed and recommendations to increase the effectiveness to be made. There is a need for understanding as to whether there is communication between multi-agencies regarding children and domestic abuse or whether this communication needs to be enhanced. Another objective is to assess whether schools take the relevant action to safeguard children and to understand the services that are used after Operation Encompass has been conducted.

Research Methodology

This research will employ qualitative data obtained through interviews with practitioners/relevant personnel within social services and the police in Hampshire.  These interviews will be on average 30 minutes each.

Risk of harm to participants and other ethical concerns have been acknowledged and measures have been put into place.

Interim reports and publications

‚ÄčNot available

Date due for completion

October 2019
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