An examination of pre and post mortem acts of violence in homicides

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Liverpool

In Collaboration With

In partnership with The National Crime Agency

Principal Researcher

Dr. Louise Almond

Level of Research


Project Start Date

February 2019

Research Context

​The aim of this project is to explore the presence of pre and post mortem violence in homicide cases and examine the relationship between pre and post mortem acts as well as thematically analyse the behavioural interpretations of such acts.

In addition, the reseacher will aim to draw links between patterns of pre and post violence in homicides and offender characteristics. All this will be examined in the context of contemporary UK cases and will involve two samples:

  1. Homicide offences and
  2. Body part removal homicide offences.

Research Methodology

Study 1-Homicide offences
This study will use secondary data from 213 cases of UK homicide from the ViClAS database and utilised in Matin, Almond and McManus’s (2018) study.

Study 2-Body part removal homicide offences
This will use secondary data from 58 cases of UK homicide involving BPR included on the ViCLAS database and utilised in Almond et al (2018) study. 

Stage 1 – Comparing violent acts pre and post mortem

  • Chi square associations
  • Frequencies
  • Spearmans correlation.

Stage 2 – Thematic analysis of pre and post mortem violent acts

  • Small Space Analysis (SSA).

Stage 3 – Offender characteristic links to pre and post mortem violent acts

  • Chi-squared associations.

Interim reports and publications

​Not available

Date due for completion

June 2020
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