Responding to workforce transformation: Detective recruitment and training

In Collaboration With

Metropolitan Police Service

Principal Researcher

Stephen Tong and Martin O'Neill

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Research Context

​The Detective Constable Pathway (DCP) is a programme delivered to graduate recruits within the Metropolitan Police Service to become detectives two years after joining the police.  Trainee Detective Constables (TDCs) are police officers who have completed their police probation and elect to specialise and become detectives.

This research collects the views of DCP/TDC candidates as their progress through their training to become detectives.  The aims are to:

  1. capture the experience of the detectives following both pathways and feedback to the project team to develop the training
  2. explore the motivations and expectations of the candidates 
  3. collect the views on the application processes and assessment
  4. explore the views of relevant stakeholders (eg trainers; investigative coaches) and
  5. assess the extent to which the training has equipped the DCP and TDC candidates for their roles.

Research Methodology

​​This project will use a mixed methodology to include:

  • Survey
  • Focus group interviews
  • Observation  

Interim reports and publications

​Not available

Date due for completion

September 2021
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