Digital forensic investigation of cryptocurrency wallets

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Salford

Principal Researcher

DS Paul J Taylor

Level of Research


Project Start Date

March 2019

Research Context

​The project will involve a review of the most commonly used software and hardware based cryptocurrency wallets and seek to identify common opportunities for the identification and analysis of their activity by digital forensic practitioners. A literature review will explore the current availability of techniques and tools and this will be supplemented by a survey of digital forensic practitioners from the police community. Software tools will be developed and tested for performance and accuracy to propose new methods for the detection of cryptocurrency wallets installed and used on computers.

The project will lead to an informed commentary on future opportunities for research in this area.

Research Methodology

​There will be an agile methodology to allow for flexibility based on ongoing feedback from the project supervisor and to allow for the development of the proposed tools and their evaluation. To supplement the literature review, police digital forensic practitioners will be asked 10 questions.

Interim reports and publications

​Not available

Date due for completion

May 2019
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