Understanding the experiences of female detainees in police custody

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Warwick

In Collaboration With

University of Sheffield; Cardiff University; Independent Custody Visiting Association

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

October 2018

Research Context

​This project aims to understand the needs and experiences of female detainees, and to identify the different ways their needs are met. The ongoing preliminary investigation will inform a larger scale study involving collaboration with several police forces.

Research Methodology

The pilot study has involved speaking to nearly 30 female detainees directly, and those managing Independent Custody Visiting schemes in five police force areas in England and Wales.​

This study is a collaboration between the University of Warwick (Jacqueline Hodgson and Vanessa Munroe), the University of Sheffield (Layla Skinns) and Cardiff University (Roxanna Dehaghani).

Interim reports and publications

​Not available

Date due for completion

November 2019
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