College of Policing survey

Research Institution / Organisation

College of Policing

Principal Researcher

Will Finn

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

July 2017

Research Context

​The 2017 survey aimed to gather views in relation to a) current and future College activity b) measure awareness and use of College initiatives and products c) gain understanding of attitudes and behaviours related to key areas of interest to the College.

The 2017 survey collected data on:

  1. What the College should focus on/prioritise to benefit members 
  2. Communication channels 
  3. Awareness and use College initiatives/services 
  4. Attitudes and behaviours towards: evidence based policing, continuous professional development (including PDR), leadership and organisational culture.

The 2017 survey provides a baseline for key attitude and behaviour measures. A follow up survey will be carried out in 2019 which will follow-up on these questions to identify possible changes over time. The results of the 2017 College Survey are also being modelled to understand if any demographic characteristics, attitudes or self-reported behaviours are associated with positive or negative perceptions of CPD or senior leaders in their organisation. The analysis will show which respondent characteristics are most strongly associated with perceptions of CPD and senior leaders in their organisation and may be useful to inform strategies that aim to improve CPD and leadership culture in policing.

Research Methodology

​The survey was sent to police officers and staff. The survey achieved a sample of 16,000 completed responses.  Data was collected in November and December 2017. 

Interim reports and publications

​Findings from the 2017 survey will be published in December 2018.  A follow-up survey will be undertaken in 2019 (date TBC). 

Date due for completion

December 2018
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