Policing in England and Wales: Future Operating Environment (FOE) 2040

Research Institution / Organisation

College of Policing

Principal Researcher

Nic Pole

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

December 2018

Research Context

The aim of the research is to describe the police operating environment out to 2040, in order to provide relevant, evidence-based insights that can inform police policy, strategy and capability now and in the future.

What will the research focus on?
There are six main ways that FOE 2040 will support the service to prepare for future developments:

  1. Provide an informed understanding of the strategic context in which policing’s future plans and policies will need to be effective
  2. Identify emerging threats and opportunities at the earliest possible opportunity
  3. Build the evidence base by identifying knowledge gaps and critical uncertainties
  4. Support work on priority areas such as workforce planning and specialist capabilities 
  5. Inform future visioning work 
  6. Influence the decisions and actions of strategic partners

Research Methodology

Interviews will be conducted with police leaders, policymakers, academics and foresight practitioners.
Workshops will be held with police officers and staff and subject matter experts.
A programme of activity will also ensure FOE 2014 is used in organisationally useful ways.

Interim reports and publications

Not available

Date due for completion

July 2020
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