Day One pilot evaluation and monitoring

Research Institution / Organisation

College of Policing

Principal Researcher

Howard Clemence

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

January 2018

Research Context

The evaluation seeks to determine whether the Day One assessment centre is fit for purpose to be used nationally for the selection of police constables. This includes whether the assessments are effective, that the technology is robust and whether the solution addresses the concerns with current Police SEARCH while maintaining acceptable levels of validity, reliability and fairness.

What will the evaluation focus on?

1. Analysis of assessment centre performance data to:

  • Compare candidates’ assessment outcomes at Day One and SEARCH
  • Assess the consistency of assessor ratings
  • Monitor the pass rates of minority groups
  • Identify the appropriate minimum standard for the assessment centre

2. User and stakeholder experiences captured through feedback surveys and interviews

3. Whether the assessment centre is designed and delivered in line with industry standards

4. A cost analysis of Day One to determine value for money

5. Analysis of technology usage to determine whether it works as intended and propose a workable model for national roll out

6. Whether assessment centres effectively predict future performance

Research Methodology

​The evaluation involves analysis of candidate assessment centre performance data, a series of surveys and in-depth interviews.

Date due for completion

July 2020
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