Evaluation of the implementation of domestic abuse perpetrator panels across West Mercia

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Worcester

In Collaboration With

West Mercia Police

Principal Researcher

Professor Erica Bowen

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

September 2018

Research Context

​The DRIVE programme is a multi-agency model through which high-risk domestic violence perpetrators are identified and managed. Abusive and violent behaviours are disrupted through direct and indirect means, using appropriate civil, criminal and multi-agency partnership resources, and where possible individual behaviour-change work. High-risk perpetrators will be identified by the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference process (MARACs) or by the police and will be referred to a new Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Panel (DAPP) which will then determine whether the perpetrator is referred into the DRIVE model or not.

Research Methodology

​A multi-method approach will be used in the evaluation. A longitudinal interview study will be conducted to understand how the DRIVE model is implemented over time, and will involve semi-structured interviews at three points in time with representatives from each of the partner agencies that sit on the DAPP. Alongside this, quantitative data will be collected from anonymised DAPP referral forms and minutes in order to determine whether there are certain characteristics which predict an individual being referred to DRIVE or not, and therefore the extent to which the referral criteria are being adhered to. Police data relating to each offender will be analysed for a 12-month period before and after referral to identify any change in police response.

Interim reports and publications

​Not available

Date due for completion

July 2021
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