Factors of hypertension, metabolic syndrome and musculoskeletal injury risk in the Bedfordshire Police

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Bedfordshire

In Collaboration With

Bedfordshire Police

Principal Researcher

James Yates

Level of Research


Project Start Date

March 2018

Research Context

​By assessing occupation specific stress level and individual’s lifestyle in combination with the various physiological measures, this study will aid in predicting future conditions including; hypertension and metabolic syndrome, as well as musculoskeletal injuries between two main groups (emergency responders and desk based personnel).

Relevant interventions can then be suggested to encourage effective change in behaviours and health status (Kolbe-Alexander et al., 2008). This should lead to reduced absenteeism (Conrad, 1988b), ensuring increased numbers of police staff are available, which ultimately will improve public safety (Bradford, 2011).

Research Methodology

An invitation to participate in this voluntary study has been extended to the entire Bedfordshire Police cohort. A minimum of 150 Bedfordshire police staff representing a broad range of divisions will participate in the study.

Phase 1 - Online assessment of health behaviours and psychological wellbeing
Participants who provide informed consent through Qualtrics online software will proceed with an online questionnaire inclusive of various lifestyle behaviours and wellbeing measures such as; physical activity, diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, drug use, sleep, self-efficacy, thoughts and feelings, emotions, mood and stress.

Phase 2 - One to one physical assessment of the risk of hypertension, metabolic syndrome and musculoskeletal injury risk.
Participants are requested to attend a familiarisation session or watch a familiarisation video of the physical fitness tests they will be required to perform at their health screening appointment. At the appointment the participants will complete the following tests and receive feedback on their results; cholesterol/glucose/triglyceride via finger-prick blood sample, blood pressure , BMI, waist:hip ratio, body composition analysis (cardio-metabolic measures) and lung function, grip strength, lower body pull strength, sit and reach test, Apley scratch test and Chester step test (physical fitness and musculoskeletal measures).

Interim reports and publications

​Not available

Date due for completion

June 2019
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