Study of restorative justice programs for domestic abuse victims in the USA and Australia, and its possible applications in the UK

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Westminster

In Collaboration With

Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire

Principal Researcher

Roksana Galuba

Level of Research


Project Start Date

May 2018

Research Context

The study consists of exploring the success of Restorative Justice in the USA and Australia, with regard to domestic abuse victims and their rehabilitation. A significant emphasis will be placed on the structure of these programs, as well as similarities between the victims in these countries and victims of domestic abuse in the United Kingdom. The overall desired outcome to be achieved is a clear proposal for a scheme for domestic abuse victims based on principles of Restorative Justice, which can be implemented in the United Kingdom, based on the advantages and disadvantages found in programmes of such nature in the USA and Australia.

Restorative Justice is a very popular topic in the United Kingdom, the government and governing bodies are on a constant search to improve victim well being. Therefore, a clear denial of a program based on principles of Restorative Justice for the domestic abuse victims, is a clear denial of the victims’ rights, as well as possibly causing further damage for the individual. If such programs are successful in other countries, why can they not be applied to the United Kingdom?

This study aims to explore what works in those programs and what doesn’t, to ultimately create a scheme designed for the needs of domestic abuse victims in the United Kingdom.

Research Methodology

​The research will consist of material readily available with regard to the topic of Restorative Justice for domestic abuse victims in the USA and Australia. A further analysis will be carried out on the findings from those two countries, and a proposal program with application to the United Kingdom will be created as a result of those initial findings, and the success rate of such schemes in the USA and Australia.

Date due for completion

September 2019
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