Trauma resilience in UK policing: Self-directed neuroplasticity training

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Cambridge

In Collaboration With

Police Care UK (formerly Police Dependants' Trust)

Principal Researcher

Dr Jessica K Miller

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

May 2017

Research Context

​Neuropsychological research has invested heavily over the past 5- 10 years into the structural and psychological impact on resilience of self-directed neuroplastic training through meditation. This has been translated into law enforcement training abroad and has been referred to in behavioural science work in UK intelligence services, but has yet to be brought into the everyday operational UK policing.

This 4 day course will be trialled in a feasibility study in April 2019 to determine just how teachable and how relevant these cognitive agility techniques may be for areas of policing which demand high levels of executive function, trauma exposure processing and compassion management under stressful conditions.

Research Methodology

  • ​n = 8 - 10
  • Qualitative feedback on self-reported resilience.
  • Observational analysis.

Interim reports and publications

​Not available

Date due for completion

May 2019
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