Trauma resilience in UK policing: Atypical trauma exposure

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Cambridge

In Collaboration With

Police Care UK (formerly Police Dependants' Trust)

Principal Researcher

Dr Jessica K Miller

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

May 2017

Research Context

​Research in police wellbeing published in 2016 reflected the well-established vulnerability of officers and staff from atypical and increasingly extreme trauma exposure, with examples being cited in Counter-Terrorism, Child Sexual Exploitation and call handling. The aim of this qualitative study is to better understand how our knowledge of how the brain processes trauma can support atypical trauma exposure in these demanding roles.

Research Methodology

  • ​n = 50
  • Focus groups, observation studies, interviews, online consultation
  • Coding and thematic analysis.

Interim reports and publications

​Not available

Date due for completion

May 2019
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