Trauma management in UK policing survey

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Cambridge

In Collaboration With

Police Dependants' Trust

Principal Researcher

Dr Jessica K Miller

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

June 2017

Research Context

​The project develops work undertaken by the University of Cambridge with the European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS)- looking at job quality- and expands this into the area of contemporary policing, with a specific focus on trauma exposure and trauma management.

The national study will be the first to address the prevalence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the UK police alongside access to treatment pathways and force-level interventions. The study will also consider how experiences of trauma management influence perceptions of decent work in the current labour market.

Research Methodology

  • ​Sample size to be confirmed
  • Focus groups n = 5 x 4 plus online consultation n = 10
  • Qualtrics survey hosting
  • Analysis will be undertaken using SPSS (ANOVA, correlation, multiple regression, cluster analysis, etc)

Interim reports and publications

Further information on The European Working Conditions Survey 2015 (​EWCS) is available here.
A link to the Qualtrics survey is available on request.

Date due for completion

June 2019
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