Community policing and counter terrorism

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Huddersfield

In Collaboration With

Supported by West Yorkshire Police and West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Principal Researcher

Lauren Wray

Level of Research


Project Start Date

October 2011

Research Context

​This PhD looks at the role that community policing plays within counter terrorism, specifically what function do Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPTs) play within the delivery of the Prevent Strategy.
Is the current role right?
Should Prevent be mainstreamed across all elements of policing like other areas of safeguarding?
Should it be left to specialist Prevent Officers?
Where would the cut off be?

Research Methodology

​Research was based upon the policies and practices of West Yorkshire Police and used four NPTs as case studies. Field work took place over 12 months and consisted of a mixed methods approach including interviews with NPT and Prevent officers, focus groups with community members, activity reports, and observations.

Interim reports and publications

​Not available

Date due for completion

May 2018
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