Innovation in policing domestic violence: Understanding success to build capacity

Research Institution / Organisation

Northumbria University

In Collaboration With

Durham University; Northumbria Police; North Yorkshire Police; West Yorkshire Police

Principal Researcher

Professor Mike Rowe

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

May 2017

Research Context

​The central idea of this project is for academics and police officers and staff to work collaboratively to identify areas in which innovation has been successful, and to develop deeper and richer understanding of the enabling circumstances and how these might build capacity in other police services. 

A central objective of the project will be to help transfer innovative practice around domestic violence (DV) as well as, more broadly, to provide police and academic researchers with greater understanding of the mechanisms and contexts shaping successful changes in operational practice.

Research Methodology

Phase one of the project entails researchers, police, PCC offices, and support agencies identifying an example of successful innovative practice for inclusion in the study. This will be achieved by means of a two-day site visit and further desk-based scoping studies by the project team (on the basis of the identified criteria).

Phase two is more substantive, entailing a focus group in each of the three police areas (participants being those involved in the design and delivery of the innovative practice), interviews (n=4) with officers directly involved in delivery, and interviews (n=4) with support agency staff. A one-day ‘verification workshop’ to which police and support agency staff from across the N8 region will be invited to contribute, will enable reflection on, and discussion of, emerging findings. More than simply a means of dissemination, these workshops will serve to test the rigour of findings.

Interim reports and publications

​Not available

Date due for completion

October 2018
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