Simulation and analysis of police custody processes

Research Institution / Organisation

Loughborough University

In Collaboration With

Leicestershire Police

Principal Researcher

Heather Callaghan

Level of Research


Project Start Date

October 2016

Research Context

​This is a PhD project in enhancing predictive policing.

The budget cuts and lack of resources that the UK police force face affect all aspects of their work. They must continue to provide the same standard of law enforcement with fewer officers and less funding. The officers working in police custody also face these issues. An enhanced understanding of the police custody processes and a detailed analysis of the distribution of their resources can assist in better preparing the police custody staff.

This project will consider the possible options of how this can be best explored. It will most likely include a statistical analysis of a sufficiently large dataset and a consequent simulation supported by practical observations will provide the most accurate results.

Research Methodology

​This project intends to analyse the data from all police custody suites within a particular force over a 12 month period. In addition to this, a series of observations will be conducted in each of these custody suites and interviews held with a variety of staff working in police custody to gain an idea of where they feel unsupported and what would be of most use to them. This will all feed into a computer simulation model that will aim to optimise resources.

Interim reports and publications

​Not available

Date due for completion

May 2020
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