Rehabilitation to recovery: An analysis of the interactions between drug policy changes and drug treatment

Research Institution / Organisation

Canterbury Christ Church University

Principal Researcher

Barry Blackburn

Level of Research


Project Start Date

January 2012

Research Context

​The government regularly issue national drug strategies with the aim of curbing drug use and drug-related offending. These strategies (as in 2010) can contain radical changes to the way drug treatment is undertaken and the methods used to encourage abstinence from drug use and criminality.

This piece of research will look at the interaction between changes in policy and the treatment undertaken by professionals.

Research Methodology

​A sample of 30 drug treatment professionals from different areas in the sample county have been interviewed using a semi-structured interviewing technique. These interviews will be analysed using a discourse analysis to identify key areas of interest and a thematic analysis of the interviews will also be undertaken to identify areas of improvement as well as areas of strength.

Interim reports and publications

​Not available

Date due for completion

December 2018
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