Search and location of body deposition sites: the role of innovative search approaches

Research Institution / Organisation

Cranfield Forensic Institute

Principal Researcher

Tanja Conway-Grim

Level of Research


Project Start Date

June 2015

Research Context

​'No body' homicides and 'suspicious mispers' cases, though rare, can be very distressing for the families, resource intensive for the police and subject to intense media scrutiny. This research aims to provide an overview of some of the main search techniques and approaches in the UK, identifying fault lines in interdisciplinary approaches and cooperation. Some search approaches are suggested to understand hiding, searching and locating body deposition sites and to encourage more flexible and inter- and intra-disciplinary approaches.

Research Methodology

​Critical literature review, training in appropriate fields such lowland search and rescue, police search advisor & tracking, qualitative data analysis using NVivo, semi-structured interviews with professionals in the field of search, search techniques and search approaches. A practical field experiment to measure decision points and distances in a rural environment in a group of volunteers.

Interim reports and publications

​Not available

Date due for completion

December 2018
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