Analysis of UK homicides in which the offender moves the victim's body after death

Research Institution / Organisation

Manchester Metropolitan University

Principal Researcher

Dr Michelle Wright

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

August 2016

Research Context

​There exists no UK research that has examined the prevalence and characteristics of homicides in which an offender(s) moves a victim following their killing.

The proposed research, therefore aims to identify and analyse victim, offence and suspect characteristics of this specific ‘type’ of homicide. The research has both practical and theoretical value. Firstly, in terms of informing Senior Investigating Officers (SIOs) about this ‘type’ of homicide, because such investigations may prove more challenging due to the victim being recovered from a different location from which they have been killed. Secondly, in terms of formulating an understanding of the different circumstances in which such homicides occur and whether offenders who have committed such homicides differ in characteristics such as age and previous convictions.

The research is supported by the National Policing Homicide Working Group.

Research Methodology

​Record level data has been requested from the Homicide Index Database for homicides in which the victim’s body was moved from the location in which they had been killed.

The data from the Homicide Index will be analysed using quantitative methods to identify the characteristics of the cases. In addition, geographical data will be sought from individual police forces in England and Wales to permit an analysis of the distances in which offenders travelled from their home/base to the body deposition site.

Interim reports and publications

​Not available

Date due for completion

August 2019
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