Doing more for less in changing times: The use of volunteers in policing

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Surrey

Principal Researcher

Melissa Pepper

Level of Research


Project Start Date

October 2014

Research Context

​This research, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), aims to further understand the role of Police Support Volunteers (PSVs) and the officers who work with them, with a focus on the Metropolitan Police Service.

The study will explore who volunteers and why, the roles that PSVs undertake, their contribution to policing, their experiences within the police organisation, and their place within policing ‘future’. It is hoped that the study will contribute to the development of police volunteering programmes that create satisfying and life enhancing volunteer roles and enable the police service to more effectively attract and tap into the diverse resources and experiences the public can offer.

Research Methodology

​The study adopts a mixed methods approach incorporating a survey of 138 serving Metropolitan Police Support Volunteers and 35 interviews with key stakeholders, volunteer managers, and volunteers and officers within the Metropolitan Police.

Interim reports and publications

​Not available

Date due for completion

October 2019
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