Better Policing Collaborative - Research evidence assessments (Norfolk and Suffolk)

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Liverpool

In Collaboration With

Better Policing Collaborative

Principal Researcher

Professor James McGuire

Level of Research

Professional / Work-based

Project Start Date

January 2015

Research Context

To generate a series of systematic and rapid evidence reviews that will be available as a practical, coherent and usable knowledge bank for OPCCs and Forces


  • Identification of review topics from various sources of established and emerging local priorities;
  • Consolidation and integration of what is already available in systematic reviews;
  • Designing review protocols for identified priority areas and undertaking a minimum of 3 reviews and strategies per project year.


  • Systematic review database including cost effectiveness assessments;
  • Scoring system for accessing and comparing intervention options;
  • Evaluated training package in research translation

Research Methodology

​Reviews will be conducted using standardised review process and relevant software packages. Quality will be vetted via the use of relevant domain experts, contact with a wider expert network and liaison with the national What Works Centre for Crime Reduction.

Interim reports and publications

​To date reviews have been prepared for the forces on the following topics:-

  • Domestic violence perpetrators
  • Night Time Economy
  • Control Room demand reduction
  • Sex Offenders on licence

Date due for completion

December 2018
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