Role of interview manager with vulnerable suspects: Assessing the risk in high stake investigations

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Portsmouth

Principal Researcher

Martin Vaughan

Level of Research


Project Start Date

February 2014

Research Context

​​​​​​​The overall aim is to address the lack of research in the literature by investigating the role of an Interview Manager when deployed to interviews conducted in high stakes investigations such as, child abuse, fraud, rape, and homicide with vulnerable suspects in order to establish if the interview processes are both ethical and effective.

Research Methodology

​​​​There will be five studies.  The current programme of research is envisaged to be conducted using a mixed methods approach. Approach IM’s in 5 -10 HO Police Forces using the interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA). Using questionnaires data will be collected from IM’s, Appropriate Adults and Custody Officers. No research has addressed such issues in high stakes investigations. National Occupational Standards (NOS) will be examined and a coding system will be constructed to analyse the interview strategy content. Data will be fed into a computer analysis system such as SPSS. The actual corresponding interviews will then be examined using the Griffiths Question Map (GQM) and NOS components. Finally the actual training programmes will be evaluated. This study will examine the training provided to IM’s to allow them to effectively perform their role. It will also examine the training provided at interviewer level which should underpin their knowledge as managers and establish a gap analysis if one exists. The effectiveness of the training will be assessed by examining the evaluation processes adopted by each participating force.

Interim reports and publications

​Not available

Date due for completion

February 2022
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