Role of post-mortem computed tomography in forensic and medico-legal autopsies

Research Institution / Organisation

University of Leicester

In Collaboration With

Leicestershire Constabulary

Level of Research


Project Start Date

July 2002

Research Context

​This Home office supported on going project is considering the role of post-mortem computed tomography (PMCT) in medico-legal and forensic autopsies. It is considering how imaging can enhance police investigations and enhance evidence giving in court and may one day remove the need for autopsies. We are also consider the role of PMCT for identification including mass fatalities.

Research Methodology

​The project uses a multidisciplinary blinded team to analyse autopsy and post mortem computed tomography data. There is also a consented teaching and training data set.

Interim reports and publications

​We have published over 15 publications to date, the largest of any research group in the UK, have assisted with writing national policy documents, assisted with the development of the UK mass fatality radiology imaging response, assisted the Department of Health write a vision document for the future of autopsy services in the UK and written international guidance/positional statements.

Date due for completion

September 2019
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