The impact of higher education upon policing

Research Institution / Organisation

Teesside University

Principal Researcher

Ruth McGrath

Level of Research


Project Start Date

April 2011

Research Context

​A case study examining the impact of higher education upon students who undertook a foundation degree incorporating the IPLDP at the point of joining the service. It focuses upon transferability of knowledge and skills, motivation for future learning, and impact upon professionalism in the workplace. It also compares the experience of these students with that of police officers who underwent initial training at a regional training centre, but have subsequently commenced study via a Higher Education Institution, examining their motivation for this study.

Research Methodology

​Two groups of participants from the same police force, 20 in each group - one group having studied the IPLDP as part of a Foundation Degree located at an HEI, the second group who studied initial training at a regional training centre but have subsequently commenced a degree programme for career advancement. 

Stage 1 - Questionnaire, Stage 2 - one-to-one interviews.

Interim reports and publications

​Not available.

Date due for completion

January 2019
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