Completed Research

The following research projects have all been removed from the Research Map following their completion. The researchers have kindly agreed for their findings to be held in the National Police Library catalogue. These reports can be viewed via the project titles below.  For other related published articles, use the Research Map dynamic link to take you to the full search results.  

​Project Title​InstitutionLevel
A response to modern-day slavery: Practitioner knowledge and experience in Cambridgeshire Constabulary​Anglia Ruskin University​Masters
Authorship profiling in a forensic context​Aston University​PhD
​Cues to deception in a textual narrative context: Lying in written witness statements​Aston University​​Professional / work-based
Where’s their credibility? A study of police trainer credibility and the influence that learner perceptions have on their learning, development and identity as police officers​Bath Spa UniversityMasters​
Public inquiry and contemporary CHIS tactics in policing​Brunel University​Masters
All Wales Hate Crime Projects​Cardiff University​Professional / work-based
Impact of codes of ethics on behaviour: a rapid evidence assessment​College of Policing​Professional / work-based
​The impact of Body Worn Video (BWV) cameras on criminal justice outcomes in domestic abuse incidents (RCT)​College of Policing​Professional / work-based
​Police, Camera, Evidence:  London's cluster randomised controlled trial of Body Worn Video​College of Policing​Professional / work-based
​'Logically I know I'm not to blame, but I still feel to blame': Exploring and measuring victim blaming and self-blame of women who have been subjected to sexual violence
​University of Birmingham
​A test of training of Police Community Support Officers for an intensive community engagement programme​University of Cambridge​Masters
​Reducing the harm of intimate partner violence: Randomized controlled trial of the Hampshire Constabulary CARA experiment​University of Cambridge​RCT
Pickpocketing on the railway: Targeting solvable cases​University of Cambridge​Masters
​Policing The Cyber Threat in Cheshire: Exploring the threat from cyber crime in Cheshire, and the ability of local law enforcement to respond​University of Chester​Masters
Understanding the deterrent effect of police patrol​University College London​PhD
​Perceptions of money laundering in digital crime investigation
​University of Derby
Police Community Support Officers as the paraprofessionals of policing​University of Dundee​Professional / work-based
​​Domestic violence and victim / police interaction​University of Edinburgh​Professional / work-based
​​The Proactive Turn: Stop and Search in Scotland​University of Edinburgh​PhD
The Gloucestershire Youth Forums Evaluation​University of Gloucestershire​Professional / work-based
Review of the Aston project​University of Gloucestershire​Professional / work-based
Behavioural science and farm crime prevention decision making: Understanding the behavioural culture of farmers in England and Wales
​Harper Adams University
Nudging down theft from insecure vehicles: a pilot study​University of Huddersfield​Professional / work-based
Evaluation of Hull Adult Female Triage Scheme​University of Hull​Professional / work-based
Police-initiated diversion for youth to prevent future deliquent behaviour​University of Hull​​Professional / work-based
Analysis of the research evidence-base of the Prevent counter-terrorism strategy and the contextual knowledge of 'preventative counter-terrorism police workers​University of KentMasters​
​​Well-being​Lancaster University​PhD
​​Community engagement: Evidence review​University of Leeds​Professional / work-based
Acquisitive crime: A pilot for an exploratory knowledge exchange platform for policing​University of Leeds​Professional / work-based
Risk and accountability in public order policing​University of Leeds​Masters
​​Love & lethal violence: An analysis of domestic violence homicides committed in London 1998-2009​University of Leicester​​PhD
​Unveiling Islamophobia in Leicester: The victimisation of Muslim women in veils​University of Leicester​PhD
Development of a calibration standard for the development of fingerprints on thermal paper​​University of Leicester​Masters
​‘Hit and run’ – why do drivers fail to stop after an accident?​University of Leicester​Professional / work-based
Beyond the gaze: Briefing for police on internet sex work​University of LeicesterProfessional / work-based​
Predicting criminal records of male-on-female UK homicide offenders from crime scene behaviours
​University of Liverpool
Who are the dissidents? Analysing changes in the sociological profile of violent dissident republicans in Northern Ireland​London Metropolitan University​PhD
Mapping the contours of human trafficking​University of Manchester​Professional / work-based
​​​Small area estimation in criminological research: Theory, methods and application​​University of ManchesterPhD​
Through the looking glass: Emerging understandings of cybercrime in GMP​Manchester Metropolitan University​Professional / work-based
Arrested development: An exploration of training and culture within Greater Manchester Police​Manchester Metropolitan University​Professional / work-based
Supporting staff within Greater Manchester Police with 'psychological illness' to avoid absenteeism​Manchester Metropolitan University​​Professional / work-based
​The experience of bereaved family members' contact with Greater Manchester Police during the investigation into homicide and sudden death​Manchester Metropolitan University​Professional / work-based
The investigation, assessment and formulation of stranger sexual violence​Manchester Metropolitan University​PhD
​The prevalence of depression, anxiety, stress and their relationshipt to length of service in the UK police force​Northumbria University​Masters
Restorative policing provision across England and Wales in 2018
​University of Nottingham
Professional / work-based
Prolific shoplifters in Nottinghamshire​Nottingham Trent University
​Professional / work-based
Crime volume and severity: a numerical and geospatial study​Nottingham Trent University​Masters
What are the impacts of exposure to the illegal images of children on those who are required as part of their role to identify and categorise such imagery?Nottingham Trent University​​Professional / work-based
​A critical review of the methodology employed to restrict access to places of height that may be used to commit suicide in Lincolnshire​Nottingham Trent University​Masters
​Exploring the narrative on Internet Addiction and cybercrime. A systematic literature review​Nottingham Trent University​​Masters
​A chance to think again? An evaluation of the Victim Awareness Course pilot​University of Portsmouth​Masters
Evaluation of the introduction of personal issue body worn video cameras (Operation Hyperion) on the Isle of Wight: final report to Hampshire Constabulary​University of Portsmouth​Professional / work-based
Cooling hot property? An assessment of the impact of property marking on residential burglary crime reduction, crime displacement or diffusion of benefits and public confidence​University of Portsmouth​PhD
The material preconditions for engagement in the police: A case study of UK police culture and engagement in times of radical change​University of Portsmouth​PhD
​​Victims' strategic needs assessment for Police and Crime Commissioners in the South East​University of Portsmouth​​Professional / work-based
An exploration of the blue code of silence​University of Portsmouth​Masters
Are vulnerable victims of fraud being identified and protected by public and private sector fraud investigators?​University of Portsmouth​Masters
Measuring the impact of the Blue Code​University of Salford​Masters
One step ahead: The Police Transnational Firearms Intelligence Network​Sheffield Hallam University​PhD
​Report on the role of the media in the information flows that emerge during crisis situations​University of Sheffield​Professional / work-based
An efficacy assessment of UK counter terrorist finance interventions to impact 'New Terrorism' ​​University of St Andrews​​PhD
To what extent can the impact of coaching be effectively measured within a regional policing collaboration​University of St Marks and St John
An analysis of factors influencing victim support for prosecution in make-on-female perpetrated intimate partner violence​Staffordshire University​Masters
Effectiveness of arts-based media in grounded action research to promote self-referral rape reporting via Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs)​University of Sunderland​Masters
Reliable approaches to gathering evidence and intelligence from network sources​Teesside University​Professional / work-based
Missing the point: The links between going missing and child sexual exploitation​Teesside University​Masters
'Predictive Policing', 'Preventative Policing' or 'Intelligence Led Policing': What is the future?​University of Warwick​Masters
Are evidence based policing initiatives transferable? A review of common factors and barriers faced in hotspot policing​University of Warwick​Masters
​We don’t buy crime: Developing and evaluating the impact of Smartwater technology and other interventions on public confidence in and satisfaction with British police forces​University of Warwick​Professional / work-based
​A critical evaluation of the current use of out of court disposals for low-level sexual offence​University of Winchester​Masters
Children and Domestic Abuse; is Operation Encompass an effective early intervention safeguarding measure in Hampshire?​​University of Winchester​Masters