Vulnerability and violent crime programme

The College of Policing, in partnership with the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), has been awarded a grant through the Home Office Police Transformation Fund to undertake a programme of work to use and develop the evidence base on vulnerability and violent crime. Areas of interest for the programme include knife crime, gangs, county lines, criminal exploitation of young people, and child sexual abuse/ exploitation. The programme will have a particular focus on children and young people and is funded until March 2020.

The Vulnerability Knowledge and Practice Programme (VKPP), hosted by the NPCC, has been created and is working with force violence and public protection (VPP) leads to identify current interventions and approaches to vulnerability and violent crime across forces in England and Wales. Eight of the most promising interventions identified by the VKPP and key stakeholders are being tested through independent evaluations to build the evidence base around what works to tackle vulnerability and violent crime. 

Evaluation of Interventions Phase 2

Progress of Phase 2
Suppliers have been busy working with forces to begin evaluation of the selected interventions. Theory of change (ToC) models were developed for each intervention in phase 1, alongside the identification of possible analysis methods.

College researchers, academic advisors and suppliers have continued to engage with force intervention leads to plan the next few months' work. An event at Ryton brought all force intervention leads together to discuss the next steps in the evaluation and to develop a series of timelines in order to move forward both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Two initial reports have been provided by suppliers so far, outlining progress and achievements, as well as any barriers and challenges to undertaking evaluation activity so far. 

As it is still early days in terms of accessing and processing data on interventions we are yet to see any significant emerging findings. The evaluations of the interventions listed below remain on track to complete by March 2020.  You can find a list of the selected interventions with summaries on the intervention evaluation page

Additional vulnerability and violent crime projects

Across the programme there are several other projects and activities taking place that will contribute to the overall evidence base for vulnerability and violent crime. Many of these projects focus on direct engagement with forces and partners in order to obtain an understanding of current practice, identification of gaps and exploration of opportunities for sharing knowledge and learning.  You can read about the additional vulnerability and violent crime projects here.

Sharing current practice

The programme offers an opportunity for the service to evaluate new and existing practice in key areas. Staff from the VKPP will be working to gather information from national leads across a range of areas, as well as engaging with force violence and public protection leads to understand different ways of working. We are keen for officers and staff to share practice examples with the College and the VKPP to help ensure we capture the full range of interventions and approaches being used across the service. Please complete the Intervention Submission Form below.

You can contact the VKPP at  and the College at