Vulnerability and violent crime programme

Call for practice update and forthcoming activity


Call for Practice Update

The programme ran a 'call for practice' exercise throughout September 2018, where we received 108 submissions detailing current and proposed practice across the UK. These submissions will be used to develop a national practice map of interventions aimed at tackling vulnerability and violent crime. The VVCP will also fund a minimum of ten independent evaluations (5 on vulnerability and 5 on serious violence). All of the call for practice submissions have been examined by College and staff from the Vulnerability Knowledge and Practice Programme (VKPP), who worked together to shortlist practice examples for potential future evaluation. Shortlisted practice examples were then considered by National Policing Leads at a meeting Chaired by Chief Constable Simon Bailey and attended by Assistant Chief Constable's from across England and Wales. The interventions which were considered to reflect the most significant operational need from this initial shortlist were then taken forward for consideration by the VVCP Board at the end of October, for decisions around which practice and interventions should be followed up on for independent evaluation.

College and VKPP staff will be engaging with forces around shortlisted practice in the coming weeks to fill in gaps in our knowledge and ascertain how an evaluation could be conducted effectively. The final most suitable interventions will be put out to tender for evaluation during the end of 2018 for evaluations to take place in 2019.

Second Targeted Call for Practice

A second call for practice exercise is now underway to help capture further examples of activities underway across forces in England and Wales. If you have not previously submitted something for consideration now is your opportunity to do so. We are particularly interested in receiving further submissions in relation to Missing Persons, Mental Health and Serious Violence.

The form is available here so please complete this and return to us by Friday 16th November 2018. Submissions after this deadline would be welcomed for the national practice map but would not be able to be considered for evaluation.

Contact details
You can contact the VKPP at and the College at



 Vulnerability and violent crime programme: Previous updates

Background: National programme to develop the evidence base on vulnerability and violent crime

The College, in partnership with the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), has been awarded a grant through the Home Office Police Transformation Fund to undertake a programme of work to use and develop the evidence base on vulnerability and violent crime. Areas of interest for the programme include knife crime, gangs, county lines, criminal exploitation of young people, and child sexual abuse/ exploitation. The programme will have a particular focus on children and young people and is funded until March 2020.

The Vulnerability Knowledge and Practice Programme (VKPP), hosted by the NPCC, has been created and is working with force violence and public protection (VPP) leads to identify current interventions and approaches to vulnerability and violent crime across forces in England and Wales. A minimum of ten of the most promising interventions identified by the VKPP and key stakeholders will then be tested through independent evaluations to build the evidence base around what works to tackle vulnerability and violent crime. The Knowledge Research and Practice Unit (KRP) at the College will manage the specification and procurement of these evaluations.

Sharing current practice
The programme offers an opportunity for the service to evaluate new and existing practice in key areas. The end result will be a 'menu' of interventions for decision makers to choose from when addressing some of the most challenging areas in policing. Staff from the VKPP will be working to gather information from national leads across a range of areas, as well as engaging with force violence and public protection leads to understand different ways of working. We are keen for officers and staff to share practice examples with the College and the VKPP to help ensure we capture the full range of interventions and approaches being used across the service. You can contact the VKPP at and the College at

Academic involvement

Academics can get involved in the programme either as advisors or independent evaluators. Advisors will work across a number of evaluations to identify challenges and notable practice, reporting to the programme board and working closely with the College Lead and Programme Manager to monitor and support the delivery of the programme. Initial expressions of interest in these roles can be made to

Academics interested in undertaking independent evaluations are encouraged to register on the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Research Marketplace in preparation for the tender of evaluations in late 2018. Details can be found here: We anticipate advertising opportunities in November 2018 and awarding contracts for this work in January 2019.

Contact details: Please direct any questions to