Vulnerability and violent crime programme

Progress of Phase 2
Eight of the most promising interventions identified through the first call for practice are being tested through independent evaluations to build the evidence base around what works to tackle vulnerability and serious violence. You can find a list of the selected interventions with summaries on the intervention evaluation page.  Theory of change (ToC) models and analysis plans were developed for each intervention in phase 1 of the programme (ending March 2019), and throughout phase 2, suppliers have provided interim reports outlining the progress of each evaluation, engagement with intervention teams, and any barriers and challenges to undertaking evaluation activity so far. The evaluations remain on track to complete by the end of March 2020. 

Additional vulnerability and violent crime projects

Across the programme there are several other projects and activities taking place that will contribute to the overall evidence base for vulnerability and violent crime. Many of these projects focus on direct engagement with forces and partners in order to obtain an understanding of current practice, identification of gaps and exploration of opportunities for sharing knowledge and learning.  You can read about the additional vulnerability and violent crime projects here.

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