Vulnerability and violent crime programme

Call for practice January 2019 update and next steps


Call for Practice January 2019 Update

The Call for Practice exercises were completed in December 2019. We received 138 submissions from across the country, highlighting the wide variety of work underway in forces aimed at tackling serious violence and supporting the most vulnerable.

Every submission received will be included on a practice map that is being developed to collate current approaches to vulnerability and serious violence, help us to identify patterns and gaps, and share knowledge across the service. Each submission was reviewed by the team at the College and the NPCC to see if it would be suitable for further independent evaluation in the next stage of the programme. Each submission was assessed in line with a set of criteria to establish:

  • How amenable it would be to a robust evaluation (considering the budget and timescales of the programme)
  • Overall operational usefulness (and scalability)
  • How innovative the practice was compared to normal 'day to day' policing activity
  • The level of harm it aimed to address
  • And the overall scale of threat it addressed

Communication has been provided to everyone that submitted an intervention via the call for practice. Of the 138 submissions received, around 30 were shortlisted for further consideration and discussion with National Policing Leads. The strongest submissions we received were shortlisted for consideration by the Vulnerability and Violent Crime Programme Board, who selected the final ten interventions we are taking forward for independent evaluation. We will provide further information about selected interventions and the evaluation process in the coming months.

Should you wish to offer any further information in relation to vulnerability and violent crime practice in your force please contact us at as we are always keen to know about the work taking place across the service and increase the knowledge and enable sharing of practice between forces. You can complete the intervention submission form at the bottom of this page if you would like to highlight anything in detail.

Sharing current practice

The programme offers an opportunity for the service to evaluate new and existing practice in key areas. The end result will be a 'menu' of interventions for decision makers to choose from when addressing some of the most challenging areas in policing. Staff from the VKPP will be working to gather information from national leads across a range of areas, as well as engaging with force violence and public protection leads to understand different ways of working. We are keen for officers and staff to share practice examples with the College and the VKPP to help ensure we capture the full range of interventions and approaches being used across the service. Please complete the Intervention Submission Form below.

You can contact the VKPP at  and the College at


 Vulnerability and violent crime programme: Previous updates

Background: National programme to develop the evidence base on vulnerability and violent crime

The College, in partnership with the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), has been awarded a grant through the Home Office Police Transformation Fund to undertake a programme of work to use and develop the evidence base on vulnerability and violent crime. Areas of interest for the programme include knife crime, gangs, county lines, criminal exploitation of young people, and child sexual abuse/ exploitation. The programme will have a particular focus on children and young people and is funded until March 2020.

The Vulnerability Knowledge and Practice Programme (VKPP), hosted by the NPCC, has been created and is working with force violence and public protection (VPP) leads to identify current interventions and approaches to vulnerability and violent crime across forces in England and Wales. A minimum of ten of the most promising interventions identified by the VKPP and key stakeholders will then be tested through independent evaluations to build the evidence base around what works to tackle vulnerability and violent crime. The Knowledge Research and Practice Unit (KRP) at the College will manage the specification and procurement of these evaluations.