Additional vulnerability and violent crime projects

Across the programme there are several other projects and activities taking place that will contribute to the overall evidence base for vulnerability and violent crime. Many of these projects focus on direct engagement with forces and partners in order to obtain an understanding of current practice, identification of gaps and exploration of opportunities for sharing knowledge and learning. This page will be updated with more information about the projects and links to relevant outputs throughout the course of the programme.

Understanding current approaches

Understanding current approaches
We continue to review and 'map' activity conducted in forces to collate current approaches to vulnerability and serious violence, help us to identify patterns and gaps, and share knowledge across the service. The interim map is a database managed by our partner team in the NPCC VKPP (Vulnerability, Knowledge and Practice Programme), which will be hosted within the Police ICT Knowledge Hub.  We are currently developing requirements in order to inform the design and accessibility of the map. You can sign up to our page and be part of initial user acceptance testing if you have a .pnn email address.

We are keen to hear about other work taking place across the service to enable the collation and sharing of new and emerging practice between forces. If you have any further practice examples to share in relation to vulnerability and violent crime in your force area please contact us at or complete the intervention submission form at the bottom of this page.

In the meantime we have started to produce a static bank of information around current practice. If you wish to locate a force currently working on an area that you are interested in please contact stating which type of initiative you would like more information about and they will provide you with the relevant information and/or direct you to the appropriate force contact.

​National Vulnerability Action Plan (NVAP)

The National Vulnerability Action Plan is aimed at supporting police forces to deliver seven identified key themes that have specific actions:

  • Early intervention and prevention
  • Protecting, supporting, safeguarding and managing risk
  • Information, intelligence, data collection and management information
  • Effective investigation and outcomes
  • Leadership
  • Learning and development
  • Communication

​The first draft of the plan has been developed with experts and forces in order to ensure information is captured correctly, and in a format that is suitable for assessment. This plan was circulated to all forces within England and Wales and they were asked to respond by the end of April 2019. The information is being reviewed and assessed in order to develop a picture of the current availability of response to vulnerability, and each force's planned activity, their potential for improvement in activity, and ability to share knowledge or skills.

​Serious Case Review

The VKPP are pleased to launch the second in a series of quarterly briefings that draw together police-specific learning from Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) and other similar reviews and documents. The SCRs were chosen for inclusion where there was police involvement prior to the incident that triggered the SCR, ensuring particular relevance to police practice. 

The second briefing provides an overview of 41 Serious Case Reviews on the theme of youth suicide. The briefing further highlights recurrent themes in relation to strategic and operational practice across different types of cases that will allow forces to reflect on and improve practice. You can access the second briefing below.  

The third briefing is planned for dissemination around mid-November 2019. We anticipate that briefings will evolve to incorporate learning from new sources of information, such as Rapid Reviews, as this emerges from new national safeguarding arrangements. 

Any feedback on the briefings should be directed to the VKPP team at the email address below. The team would also be pleased to receive any serious case reviews, rapid reviews or other similar learning documents published since January 1st 2016 for consideration in forthcoming briefings. The VKPP team can be contacted via their mailbox at .