Safer Streets Fund toolkit 2021

The second round of the Safer Streets Fund (2021-2022) will provide funding to hotspot areas within England and Wales that are disproportionately affected by neighbourhood and acquisitive crime, to invest in evidence-based situational crime prevention interventions such as home security and street lighting. For the purposes of the Fund, neighbourhood crime is defined as burglary, robbery, theft from the person and vehicle crime. Further details about applying to the Safer Streets Fund are available here.

The aims of the Fund are to:

  • reduce neighbourhood crime in areas that receive funding, therefore making local areas safer and reducing demand on the police, enabling them to focus on higher-harm crimes

  • continue to build evidence about the impact of targeted investment in situational prevention in high-crime areas to strengthen the case for future investment, both at a local and national level

  • grow local capability to undertake data-driven problem solving and to capture evidence and practical learning about how best to implement situational interventions to prevent crime

To support the delivery of the fund the College of Policing has worked with the Home Office, the Police Crime Prevention Initiative and a subject matter expert group to develop a toolkit that will support areas to develop their plans and select appropriate interventions. The toolkit provides:

  • resources to help identify and analyse problems;

  • an evidence-based guide to the situational crime prevention tactics that can be used to tackle neighbourhood crime;

  • information on implementation considerations and lead in times for the tactics that will help to inform decision-making; and

  • case studies to provide examples of where a problem solving approach to acquisitive crime has worked well in the past.

The Safer Streets Fund crime prevention toolkit can be accessed here.

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