The College is helping to facilitate the creation and delivery of fully effective working police-academic partnerships that will support the development and use of research evidence across policing. 

 Developing and building on such collaborations will help:

  • Continue to generate the evidence base in policing;

  • Encourage and stimulate new ideas for research by practitioners;

  • Provide greater coherence to police-academic engagement;

  • Develop skills and confidence of the Service in creating, seeking and using research evidence.

 The following are all examples of how the College is supporting partnership working

  • Evidence Champions Network        

    The College of Policing has developed this network of Evidence Champions to promote evidence-based practice (EBP) in policing and to share ideas and knowledge across forces. It will enable police forces to support each other in their efforts to embed evidence-based policing, through discussion and collaboration. 

  • Academic Support Network

    This POLKA community welcomes students (or former students) from any academic institution, undertaking any qualification.  The only prerequisite is a desire to share their experiences of study with other members, offer support to those who need it or ask for advice from those who understand the same pressures.  

  • Police Knowledge Fund

    The Police Knowledge Fund supports the development of sustainable education and research collaborations between police forces and academic institutions in England and Wales. The fund contributes to the evidence base in priority areas of policing. It also develops the skills of frontline officers and staff, builds their knowledge and expertise about what works in policing and crime reduction, and puts it into practice.


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