Police Knowledge Fund Products

The two year Police Knowledge Fund (PKF) completed in 2017. The College has since published a review of the programme demonstrating its impact on increasing use of evidence in priority areas, and embedding an evidence-based approach in policing. The PKF catalogue presents products from across this programme.

The PKF was supported by the College of Policing with funding from the Higher Education Funding Council for England and the Home Office, and involved 39 police forces and 30 academic institutions working across 14 police-academic collaborations.

The range of PKF products included in the catalogue reflect the broad and diverse programme of work carried out by the collaborations. These products provide some insight into the scale of their activities. The PKF review report provides more detailed information on the full breadth of work undertaken by the collaborations, including professional development and learning, use and understanding of research evidence and innovative approaches to knowledge exchange.

This catalogue lists the tangible products from each collaboration and includes research briefings, blogs, journal articles, operational tools, workshop and training materials, and event information.

Links to products are also available from the themed pages as set out below. These showcase some of the key products across the collaborations against a number of policing priority areas. 




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